Among villas and hamlets in Feltre countryside

14 October 2016

Starting point: from the two places near Feltre hospital
Lenght: 29 km
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: easy
Difference in height: 300 m
Comment: several villas, among which is worth a quotation Villa Pasole Berton

From the car park, pass the bridge and then turn right. At the next crossing turn left and then again right towards the railway station. Where the road turn suddenly turn to the Feltre German Military Cemetery,go straight ahead, running alongside the church, towards the Alpine Colony.
Few metres before this colony descend on the right along an unasphalted road, and then enter again the highroad in Anzù. Now follow the directions to Cellarda. Past the canal and then turn right along via delle Sorgenti, and then to Villapaiera: near the village turn right to Nemeggio. Before this last hamlet run alongside the railway bridge climbing towards Feltre. Back on the highroad follow it till via Lipoi and then turn left: cross the wonderful countryside and then at a rural building turn right. A bit ahead continue on the road to Vellai: here you can climb via Romanella at the end of which you will find Villa Berton. Few metres after the entry of this villa, turn right and enter in Villabruna, where, near the big church you will enter the pedemontana road towards Feltre. Follow the directions to Grum, on the right, till Villa de Mezzan: on the back of this villa turn left and plunge into the quiet of the countryside. The stretch ends in Umin , beyond which you have to follow the pedemontana road to Feltre. To make the coming back more pleasant it would be better to continue towards Pedavena and then turn left into via della Sega, then again left into the asphalted road, and again left at the school crossing, and then continue to the hospital.

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 29 km
Duration: 04:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 300 m