Among valleys and hamlets in Monte Doc




35 km

Height difference:

1050 m



(Vas and Quero town councils)

Starting point: Piazza di Vas
Lenght: 35 km
Duration: 4,30 hours
Difficulty: medium
Difference in height: 1050 m

Leave the place of Vas southward and enter the main road. Few metres before the bridge on the Piave river follow the directions to Segusino: but before arriving to the town centre, a sign to "Stramare" indicates the continuation of your journey and the beginning of the hard work. Climb to Riva Grassa, and then to Stramare and Milies: little stony houses border the narrow road. Few metres past the village, an excavated and rambling road begins. Turn on the right to Malga Molvine and Malga Mariech. Higher the wood fades into the wide meadows of the Monte Doc.
A bit farther past the large saddle of "Forcella", turn right along the road which runs alongside the sheet of water and enters the beech wood: here the long descent to Marziai starts. Reach the main road that will bring you back to the starting point.