Among Monte Avena woods and grasslands




22 km

Height difference:

680 m



(Fonzaso, Sovramonte, Pedavena town councils)

Starting point
: from Faller di Sovramonte
Lenght: 21,5 km
Duration: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: medium
Difference in height: 680 m

From the little place in Faller run eastward the easy road to Passo Croce d'Aune; after 2.6 Km you will meet a crossing near the restauran La Casera: turn right into the road which continues into a wood. Climb easily towards the pass, and past the station of the new chairlift which leads to Rifugio Campon, till you reach the asphalted road to Malga Casera dei Boschi and M. Avena. Turn right and go along the road, then turn left into an unasphalted road among the wood.
Two km after the road, called "Troi della Zeccona", leads into an open space; from here, a short digression on the left leads to Col Melon. After you intersecate the asphalted road, the climb to the Monte Avena peak will start; without difficulty you will reach the Malga Casera dei Boschi, from where you can enjoy a wonderful panorama on the Vette Feltrine. Continue the climb on the left along an unasphalted road till Rifugio Campon, 15,1 Km far from the starting point: compulsory stop.
Few metres before the snack bar, on the left the descent to Faller begins, along a grassy road. Past the arrival chairlift station, turn left and in a few time you will reach Casera La Montagnola. Through the thick pine wood you descend suddenly to a junction from which you can follow an easy unasphalted road to Faller. At the next junction near "Al Pascolon" hut, turn left to Ramen, and from here quickly to Faller.