Snowshoe hike to Col Costaccia



We are driving along a narrow mountain road. What a clear sky! The sun is shining bright, but it is very cold. However, we do not despair: our skisuits are very warm. Today an exciting programme awaits us: snowshoe hiking - a fascinating way of moving in the snow, something in between walking and skiing.

To begin with, we drive to Campill/Longiaru.
Then we continue uphill as distant as we reach the last huts, at an altitude of 1.633 metres.

Those who get there, are not allowed to withdraw! After wearing our very modern snow shoes and taking the poles, we set off in the soft snow through the pastures. Following the sign n. 9, we move slowly uphill in single file and sometimes side by side, away from everyday noises and stress. We walk through beautiful larch woods and snowy fields, sometimes we meet a wooden hut on the way, where one can rest. Now and again we see some ski tracks - this area is suitable for funny runs on the skis, too. Nevertheless, snow shoes allow you to enjoy this splendid landscape and the view it offers excellently!
Our destination is the top of Col Costaccia, situated at an altitude of 2.199 metres. Before getting there, we reach the top of Mount Goma.

The Puez Odle Group stands in front of us. We have a wonderful view on the Dolomites range, eastward of Val Badia.