The lakes of Sappada

Lakes of Oble They are at 2153 m, almost at the top of the wide plain which constitutes the beginning of the Val d'Olbe, north of Sappada. As many other lakes they were made by the glacier erosion.

  • From Rifugio Sorgenti del Piave to the lakes of Olbe, 4 hours: the Rifugio, reachable by car from Cima Sappada, lies under Monte Peralba. Few metres before the Piave springs turn left at the junction into the path n. 136. Later the road will bifurcate: turn left again into the path n. 129. Turning westwards, the road will lead to the saddle of Monte Franza, from where three paths leave. The first one descends westwards through Val Popera, as far as Val Visdende; the second one climbs northwards to Monte Franza and the last one leads to Passo del Mulo: from here you can descend to the lakes.

Duration: 05:00 hours