MTB and Downhill

Upon the National Park of the Dolomiti Bellunesi




16 km

Height difference:

400 m



(Cesiomaggiore, Feltre, Pedavena town councils)

Starting point: from Soranzen, easily reachable from Feltre, along the "pedemontana" road to Cesiomaggiore
Lenght: 16,3 km
Duration: 3,30 hours
Difficulty: easy
Difference in height: 400 m

From Soranzen Pro Loco you follow the pedemontana road towards Feltre, turn right at the first crossing, and then at the secont too, entering via San Vidal. After a sweet climb you descend to Bordugo and, past Ponte Serra on the Caorame river, continue towards Le Ave.
Past the old church, the road climb to the wild Val Canzoi; past the bridge in Umin you quickly get the riding school La Santina and, few metres ahead, on the right a suspension bridge allows to continue along an unasphalted road to the houses of S. Eustachio. Behind the houses you can see the powerful architechture of Sass de Mura and after you get a second house turn on the left and enter the road to Val Canzoi again.Now turn left, and you will arrive at the Orsera snack bar, which welcomes the National Park of the Dolomiti Bellunesi, and then the riding school La Santina. Few metres ahead turn right on an unasphalted road and climb until you reach the crossing: the sign to Soranzen, on the left is the one you have to follow, entering a comfortable mule track. This stretch is called "Le Scale" (the staris) for its particular ground of steps excavated on the rock. In this stretch it would be better to continue on foot.
After a pair of hairpin bends you turn right at the junction; at the beginning of Arson hamlet continue on the left on the road towards Salgarda Nuova, in this way you will cross again the road to Cesiomaggiore. It takes two more km to Soranzen.