Passo Manghen



Height difference:

1100 m



Starting point : Cavalese
Arrival: Passo Manghen (2072 m)
Difference in height: about 1100 m
Gradient: in the first part the itinerary is characterized by a constant gradient. After the reported fork, the path reaches also a 17% gradient.
Difficulty: medium  

From Cavalese, travelling the main road for about four kilometres, you reach Molina di Fiemme.
From Molina (one of the main centres of the Valley at 970 m) you enter the Passo Manghen main road, which leads to Ponte delle Stue (1252 m), after seven kilometres and a half, where the road has a fork: turning left you reach Malga Alta Stue (3,5 km - 1549 m) whereas if you go on the main road you will reach the Pass (2072 m).

In the area of the Pass you can reach the Baita Manghén and ciontinue, running alongside the Cadinello Lake, along the path 322 to the foot of Forcella di Montalon. Entering the path 322b, on the other side, you can see the Montalon Alpine Lake.