Mountain bike tracks: San Candido-Lienz




44 km

Height difference:

500 m



Starting point : San Candido (500 m)
Arriving point : Lienz railway station
Height difference: 500 m

Notes: especially suitable for beginners and children. Comfortable return by train. Don't forget your papers.

This cycling path starts in San Candido/Innichen, which lies 500 higher than Lienz, Austria. The 44 km to ride are easy and suitable for any bicycle; particularly recommended to beginners and children . The return can be comfortably made by train, with special wagon for bicycles.

From the starting point continue eastwards towards the state border; go past the supermarket Maxi-Tempele in Via Mercato Vecchio, and continue to Lienz as far as Versciaco (follow the signs!).
In Versciaco go under the underpass and pass the border continuing as far as Arnbach (Austria). Now ride along the Drava river; as you get to Lienz, where the cycling road ends, you can catch the train to go back to the starting point (links are very frequent).Along the route it is possible to have a break in the nice towns between San Candido and Lienz.

It is possible to rent a bike in san Candido, reserving one some days before.

Rio Abfaltersbach (km 21,7), Mittewald (km 28,7), Thal/Assling (km 33), Gallizenklamm (km 40) and eventually Lienz railway station (km 44).