Ski mountaineering itinerary: Tacca del Cridola

This ski mountaineering itinerary starts about 2 km away from Lorenzago di Cadore, towards the Mauria Pass. Follow the signs of the road to the Giaf Refuge on the state road SS52. This circular itinerary is facing South-East, passing through the Giaf Refuge, Scodavacca saddle, Tacca del Cridola and return. We recommend to take crampons with you: snow can be hard after Scodavacca saddle, and you may need to take your skis off and wear crampons. The most charming part of this itinerary is the descent from Tacca del Cridola along the valley bearing the same name: hear snow is always powdery, also in spring. The itinerary ends under the hairpin bends of Mauria pass, some kilometers before Lorenzago di Cadore.

Ascent: follow the road to Giaf refuge. Follow the summer path for about 400 m to the bottom of the canyon starting on the Valonùt ridge, climb it for some hundred meters (in order to avoid the thickest part of the forest) and turn left, taking the path again: now the forest is thinner, and you can ski along the summer trail until you reach Scodavacca Saddle. Finally, climb the steep Tacca canyon.

Descent: along the same canyon, with steep stretches. The last part is easy and pleasant.

Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 05:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 1470 m