Ski mountaineering itinerary: Mulaz mountain



Height difference:

1200 m



Mulaz and Fradusta (easy to reach due to the Rosetta cableway), are the most important peaks of the Pale di San Martino for ski mountaineering. In particular, the itinerary descending from Val Venegia (this valley can be reached from Falcade or Predazzo trough the Valles pass) offers one of the most exciting and popular medium-difficulty descents.
This itinerary is very beautiful, and can be combined with the descent in Falcade. If snow is not very firm, the slopes under the first part of the ropeway can be dangerous due to the avalanches coming from the Bureloni canyon. The end part, from the Mulaz saddle to the top, is often windy and difficult to attain due to the stones emerging from the snow.


Ascent: From the car park, ski along the Val Venegia Valley (1,778 m.), to the hut malga Venegiota (1,824 m.) until you reach the broad snow-covered slope on the right of the Mulaz wall, at the bottom station of the ropeway to the Mulaz refuge (about 1 h away from the car park). Climb the slope on the left until you reach a flatter area, where the first part of the ropeway ends. Keep on skiing to the left, until you reach the Mulaz pass (2,619 m. - where the second part of the ropeway ends).

This is where the ascent to the Mulaz peak begins. Go straight on, and then to the left, until you reach a small saddle which is well visible. Cross to the right (East), in order to reach the broad slopes of the East face, on which you can climb directly to the top.


Descent: Same itinerary as in the ascent.