Ski mountaineering itinerary: Monte Pramaggiore


Very difficult

Height difference:

1598 m



This ski mountaineering itinerary starts in Forni di Sopra and reaches the Pacherini refuge, the Sidon saddle or (easier) 2058 m above sea level under Monte Rua, Pramaggiore saddle, the top of the mountain and return. You need to be equipped with ice axe, crampons and rope. In fact, snow can be hard past Forcella Scodavacca and you may need to take off your skis and wear crampons. Especially in spring, we recommend you to leave early in the morning: later snow tends to become mushy, especially in Val di Suola.



Ascent: from the bridge on the Tagliamento river, go along the Palas road (normally snow-covered until the end of April). Then go through the Val di Suola Valley to the Pacherini refuge, following the summer path. Once you've reached the refuge, you can either ascend under the towers of Siòn-Torrione Comici, or climb under Cima di Suola. Before you reach Suola Pass, you have two options. According to your ability and to the snow conditions, you can either reach the Sidon Saddle and the Cadin dell'Inferno, or go past the Suola Pass to 2058m above sea level. After that, you should turn right and reach the Pramaggiore saddle, follow the summer itinerary and reach the top. For this last stretch you will need to take off your skis: if you like skiing on steep slopes, you can carry them on your shoulder and wear them to descend.

Descent: descend from the top trough small snow-covered canyons, always skiing sideways to the left until you reach again the Pramaggiore saddle. From here on you can reach the Sidòn saddle or go down to 2058 m above sea level and then follow the same itinerary as on the ascent trough the rises of Grua and through the Val di Suola valley, until you reach again Forni di Sopra.