Ski mountaineering itinerary: Monte Clap Savon

Height difference:

1400 m



This ski mountaineering itinerary starts in the hamlet of Tiviei and takes to Ciana saddle and monte Clapsavon mountain, trough the mountain dairy Malga Montemaggiore. From monte Clapsavon you can reach the top of another mountain, monte Bivera, along an exposed crest, descending towards Bivera saddle and reascending to the top: this variant requires high skills and expertise.

Ascent: from Tiviei, ski along the winter trail to Malga Montemaggiore. Past the hut, cross the pastures until you reach the Ciana saddle (where you can enjoy a beautiful view over Sauris). From this saddle, turn right and ascend the central basin of the Clapsavon massif. Once you've reached and climbed over the Southern ridge, you will be soon at the top.

Descent: Same itinerary as in the ascent.