Horse trekking in Feltrino

Monte Grappa

Route Maneggio "La Terrazza"-Seren del Grappa-Stalle-Valgranda-Mattiet-Casoni Val dell'Albero-Valle delle Bocchette-Malga delle Bocchette di Mezzo-back
Lenght 33.6 Km
Duration About 8 hours
Difficulty This track isn't very difficult but for its lenght it is recommneded to well trained excursionists.
Difference in height About 1120 m
Recommended period From June to September

Leave the riding school and go towards Seren del Grappa village, along the asphalted road that you will abandon at Le Stalle; then turn towards Case Bagatella and run along a pleasant track in the valley of the Stizzone stream. At Dai Letti cross the town council road which climbs to Valgranda through Dei Moscoi; then go uphill till Mattiet and then continue along the path which climbs to Col dell'Asia.
Run along Col Cucchet, till Col dei Letti and enter again the excavated town council road till Casoni Dal Sot; now abandon this road and enter the uphill path to Casoni Rech and then to Casoni Val dell'Albero; run along all the valley and descend to Casera Campana, and then to Valle delle Bocchette.
At Malga delle Bocchette di Mezzo, half excursion is done, the return well be done following the same outward journey.

Length: 34 km
Duration: 09:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 1120 m