Horse trekking in Agordino: Valle di S. Pellegrino

From "Le Piane" riding school in Celat run the downhill excavated road to the bank of the Biois River; past the Ponte di Mulan, turn to Canale d'Agordo (uphill Biois River is on the right).

Past the village of Canale d'Agordo continue on the left along the excavated town council road, and past the sport field go on till a wooden bridge on the Biois River and leave it on your right going uphill. Cross the bridge on the Gaon Stream and reach the Busin Camping. Then run along Falcade crafts area and cross the wide grassy clearing of Falcade park.

Continue behind the ice-hockey field till Molino hamlet, then pass the cemetery and enter the path which leads to Falcade Alto hamlet. Enter the S.S.346 del Passo S. Pellegrino highroad and leave it in Le Fratte, to run the old track of the S. Pellegrino road.

After about 1 km you will meet the uphill path Ru di Valfredda and then the Baita Flora Alpina.

Now continue along the path called Alta Via dei Pastori, till Casoni di Valfredda. At the next crossing turn into the path which climbs to Ai Marmòi and run a short stretch along the peak: be very careful here.

Descend to Malga Lach and then to Ruderi del Tabià in Valbona, where you have to turn left till the hamlet of Valt, then Caviola and from here back to Camping Busin, where you will run the outward journey back.

Route Maneggio "Le Piane"-Falcade-Molino-Falcade Alto-Baita Flora Alpina-I Marmòi-Valt-Caviola-Maneggio "Le Piane"
Lenght: 26.5 Km
Duration: About 8 hours
Difficulty: Only a short stretch to face with particular care
UP hill: About 1170 m
Recommended period: From May to September

Length: 27 km
Duration: 09:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 1170 m

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