Horse-trekking: Cansiglio Forest tour


51 km

Height difference:

729 m



Giro della Foresta del Cansiglio

Route Crossinge of the whole Cansiglio Wood: Pian del Cansiglio-Valmenera-Candaglia-La Crosetta-Malga Coro-loc. Vallone-Vallorch-Valpiccola-Palughetto-Tiriton-Canaie-Pian Rosada-Valmenera-Pian del Cansiglio
Lenght 50.5 Km
Duration About 8 hours
Duration This itinerary does not present particular difficulties, but for its lenght it is more suitable for trained excursionists
Difference in height About 729 m
Recommended period From June to September

Leave the highroad at the War Memorial and enter the asphalted road on the right, along the golf field. After about 1.5 km leave this road and turn left along the naturalistic path "A" and cover it till the crossing with a "white" road. Turn left into the excavated road along the wood; few metres before a barrier enter the asphalted road on the right that leads to the wonderful Piano di Valmanera.
Plunged into a luxuriant vegetation, you will reach Casoni Scatoleri, and then at the new crossing in Val Bona, turn right, pass the barrier and run along the road which winds into the wood, in the Natural Preserve "Col Piva" .
At the "Casa Forestale" you will enjoy a wonderful panorama on the Cansiglio valley. Then run the "B" path till a crossing; here turn left and reach the crossing with the "O" path. Continue to the highroad and the La Crosetta pass; on the left of the Albergo Stella Alpina enter the " H2" path till you meet an excavated road: at the next crossing turn left and go along the "H" path which climbs to Malga Coro. Then enter an excavated road on the left and descend to the crossing with the "H1" path; turn right and enter the Strada del Taffarel, a "white" road wich winds among the beech wood. At a gorge you can go downhill the alluvial deep valley, which leads into a plateau. Continue along the "F" naturalistic itinerary: you are in the middle of a beech wood with huge trees, with which oars and planking of the invincible fleet of the Serenissima Repubblica of Venice were made (and here you can find the origin of the name of the Cansiglio wood "gran bosco da reme di S. Marco" - great oars wood of S. Marco).
At the crossing with the "S" path it is possible to come back descending the steep hairpin bends, till Vallorch hamlet, the most beautiful example of Cimber architecture, or you can continue along the Strada del Taffarel, towards < b>Palughetto, and then covering a stretch of the high route n. 6, you will arrive to Canaie. Continue to Pian Rosada and then at turn left at the barrier and gallop towards the wonderful Piano di Valmanera: here the ring ends.