Horse trekking: Arsiè Lake

1st day: Maneggio "La Terrazza" - Caupo - Fenadora - San Michele - Cimitero di Arsiè - Roccolo - Col del Gallo.
2nd day: Col del Gallo - Roccolo - Cimitero di Arsiè - Rocca - Monte Roncone - Caupo - Maneggio "La Terrazza". 
Duration 2 days 
Recommended period from June to September

Leave the riding school and ride towards Caupo. At the asphalted road Caupo - Seren del Grappa, turn right, cross the village of Caupo north-eastward towards the cemetery, and enter the excavated road which cross the country at the foot of Monte Roncone.

In Fenadora cross carefully the SS. 50 bis highway, and run along it till the Lake of Corlo, in the hamlet of Giaroni. Ford the river Cismon and then ride uphill the bank till the ENEL electric power station, and run along the lake for a short stretch before turning right towards San Michele, where you will enter the road to Arsiè cemetery.

Pass it and ride uphill till Casoni Colterani and then Casoni Novegna alla Guarda. Continue the climbing through Case Smaniotto and Casoni Tonini till you arrive to Roccolo (where you will enjoy a wonderful sight on the Lake of Corlo).

From here continue to Sella della Val Nevera and Casoni Taverna, from where you will continue to Col della Spìna, enjoying a wonderful panorama. At Case Strapazzon descend quickly to Forcelletta, then Case Trevisan and Casoni Bastianon.

Once you arrive to Col del Gallo, at the Roccolo restaurant, descend from the horseback and get ready to overnight.

The day after

The day after enter the back road turning right to Casoni and continuing to Case Turra and Case Lanard till Sella di Val Nevera, from where you will descend towards Arsiè cemetery.

Few metres before it turn right end enter the track that will lead you to cross the SS. 50 bis highway.

Climb till you meet the asphalted road that from San Michele leads to Rocca. Turn right and go on along the wide road edge.

Now a break is advisable. After that you can be back to Le Terrazze riding school, or clore the excursion in a ring around the Monte Roncone.

Left the Rocca, cross the suspension bridge and enter the path which climb along Valle Carazzagno.

Pass Boldi, Carazzagno, Fumegai, Case Brustolin, and in Casoni Bussani nearby enter the road which leads to Casoni Strapazan, beyond which you will continue till you meet the SS. 141 highway.

Now follow it till km 44 where you have to turn towards Colle Andrighetti.

Ride along the highway till the hairpin bend of the km 48, where you have to turn right to Casoni Meregon.

Get the little church of S. Antonio di Caupo and from Caupo hamlet continue towards Seren del Grappa.

Pass the bridge on the Stizzone river and enter the track on the left, back till "La Terrazza" riding school.

Hotel Arsiè and environs