Valle di Cembra and the Earth Pyramids of Segonzano

27 August 2019

Take the path at the right of the Regnana stream, up along the borders of a forest of broad-leaved trees. After a 20 minute walk you will see the first pyramids on your left. From here the path winds through the forest, and after about 30 minutes you will see the main group of pyramids. If you want to go on, follow the trail upstream, going around the group anticlockwise. The last section of the trail is quite charming, cutting through two groups of pyramids.

Curiosity about the Earth Pyramids of Segonzano

The earth pyramids of Segonzano are a true work of art: these tall and slim spires of rock topped by a stone that protects the column from the elements are commonly known as hoodoos or fairy chimneys and here in Segonzano the highest ones reach a height of 20 meters.

During the Quaternary Period the valley of the Regnana stream was filled by a glacial sedimentation of alternating layers of soft and hard material. These pyramids result from the combined erosion of wind, rain and running water, that acts more rapidly on the soft material. They are often capped by a resistant layer which protects the lower and softer ones.

The legend of the pyramids

At certain times of the day, when illuminated by a soft light, the group of pyramids resembles a fairy castle. According to the legend, elves living in the forests of the valley were turned into rock columns as punishment for their carelessness, thus creating these groups of earth pyramids.

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Difficulty: Degree T = tourist
Max Altitude: 875
Duration: 02:45 hours
Difference in altitude: 271 m