Muthöfe and Longfallhof: a descending hike


7 km

Height difference:

765 m



Starting-point: Tirolo/Dorf Tirol (596 mt)
At a glance: Tirolo/Dorf Tirol - Hochmuth Hotel - Talbauer - Longfallhof - Tiroler Kreuz - Tirolo/Dorf Tirol
Altitude difference: 765 m
Highest point: Hochmuth Hotel (1361 mt)
Difficulty: three climbing-boots hike

Useful advice: this is a mainly descending hike, going to the upper Muthöfe located at the foot of the homonymous mount and near to the lonely Longfallhof in the romantic valley of Val di Sopranes/Spronser Tal. The rest of the wooded footpath covers steep slopes, but the way is always enough wide. Although it is not a hard hike, this one requires a certain attitude to mountain walks. Strongly recommended anti-slide boots.

Itinerary description: in Tirolo/Dorf Tirol (596 mt.) we take the cableway (height of lower station is about 680 mt.) to go to Hochmut Hotel (1361 mt.). From here we take footpath number 24 (so-called Merano/Meraner Höhenweg) until the upper Muthofe, to proceed going down to Talbauer Hotel (1209 mt.). Later we cover briefly the Muter Weg (footpath) up to a road fork where we will take footpath number 24 (the aforesaid Meraner Hoehenweg) that descends lightly on the mount's ridge, which from Mutkopf proceed to the valley.
On a narrow stretch of footpath 24 we cross some wooded slopes going north-westwards towards the Val di Sopranes/Spronser Tal. Not far from here there is the Longfallhofes, reachable by footpath 6 (about 1 hour and a half far from the Hochmut Hotel).
Eventually after a break in the hotel, we descend by footpath number 6 across the Val di Sopranes/Spronser Tal, or better, across its wooded slopes, towards Tirol Kreuz Hotel (806 mt., three-quarters an hour far from Longfall). Now it takes half an hour to arrive at Tirolo/Dorf Tirol. A bus could be taken.

Maps: Freytag & Berndt, sheet S 1 (Bolzano/Bozen - Merano/Meran e dintorni); Kompass, sheet 53 (Merano/Meran).