Itineraries 16-20: Collepietra, Cornedo and Passo Santner


Degree EE = experienced hikers



fescur16. Steinegg - Unterdorf - RuinsTrekking

Time: about 45 minutes.
Difficulty: Moderate.This trek begins with a path from the village of Steinegg to the parish church at Underdorf. Trekking further along a well-secured trail, you reach the ruins of Steinegg.

17. Steinegg - Kaserer Bild - Gummer - Birchabruck Trekking

Time: about 4 hours.
A moderately difficult excursion through the village of Steinegg, past the swimming pool. The trail continues the Kaserer Bild and further to Wieser Egg before turning downward to Gummer and across a winding path into the valley.

18. Steinegg - Karneid - Wiedenhof Trekking

Time: 3 hours.
A moderately difficult trek which starts at Steinegg, leading through mixed forest to the wine village of Karneid before it ends at Wiedenhof.

19. Hirzlweg: Start at Paolina Chairlift / Karersee or König Laurin Chairlift / Frommeralm Trekking

Time: 2 hours
Accessible from June to October.A panoramic high trail over the Rosengarten, Paolina and Rotwand Refuges, the Hirzlweg trail is one of the most breathtaking high alpine trekking trails in South Tyrol, with incredible panoramic views over the Brenta group, Adamello / Presanella, Orteler group and the northern alpine crest.

20. Santner Pass: Rosengarten Refuge - Santner Pass Refuge - Vajolet Refuge - Tschagerjoch Trekking

Time: 5 hours
Accessible from July to September.
Lighter, but only partly secured with a "Klettersteig" fixed-cable system, alpine experience is necessary for this climb, which reaches interesting positions.