Hiking trail Bepi Zac





Max.altitude: 2762 m
Difficulty: easy
Starting point: Passo San Pellegrino (1919 m), main road connecting the Cordevole valley to the Fassa Valley        
Possible stops: Passo Le Selle Refuge (2540 m) at the homonymous pass; cableway uphill stop (2200 m).
Differences in height: 1000 m between Passo San Pellegrino and Forcella Ciadin. If you go by cablecar, it is only 200 m.
Duration: 5.30 hours

You get to the Passo Le Selle by traversing a pasture. You can also use the cableway, thus saving 30 minutes. The route starts with a short but steep ascent to the crest. At the Lastei Piccol (2687 m), you come across the first 1915/18 Austrian fortifications.
From there, continue eastward along the ridge, always following the front line. Once over the Gran Lastei (2713 m) and the Cima di Campagnaccia (2737 m), you have the first opportunity to interrupt the itinerary and go back to the pass. On the other hand, if you decide to continue, you traverse the Cima di Costabella (2762 m) and the Sass de Costabella - the track is excellently equipped here - so as to get to the Forcella del Ciadin (2664 m). Here you have the second chance to get back to the pass. The equipped path on the southern slope leads to the San Pellegrino pastures.

Originally, the route continued to Cima Vallate and Cima Colbel, but this part has been dismantled in 1992. Equally, before 1985, fixings reached Forcella d'Uomo and Cima d'Uomo.