Discovering Val Venosta: the irrigation paths



...Walks along the irrigation paths

Val Venosta boasts about having the highest number of paths along the irrigation canals (which is the widest irrigation network in the Alps). Nevertheless, nowadays, along the wide alluvial slopes of low and mid Val Venosta, with its large orchards, these ancient irrigation systems have almost completely disappeared, having been sacrificed to the land reorganization, the planning and consequently to more modern irrigation plants.

However it is necessary to point out that in Castelbello, Laces, Silandro, Prato, Sluderno, Cengles, Glorenza, Montechiaro, Lasa, in the plain of Malles, in the valleys of Mazia and Planol, in Trafoi, Solda, Martello and in many other localities the guests of Val Venosta can walk along and admire these ancient irrigation plants.