Madonna di Campiglio - Lago Valagola




11 km

Height difference:

160 m



Starting point: Madonna di Campiglio (m 1522)
Arriving point: Madonna di Campiglio
Difficulty: easy
Time: about 1,10 hours
Height difference: 160 m
Length: 11.2 Km

from Madonna di Campiglio (1522 m.) go to Rifugio Vallesinella (1513 m.) and turn right following the (demanding) road till Malga Fratte (1268 m.). Then turn left on the little wood to cross a bridge continuing until Malga Brenta Bassa (1265 m.).
Turn right till the bar crossing the road that leads to the Lake Valagola: turn left following the same road till the lake (1595 m.). Go back to the bar and turn left until the locality Plazza in the Brenta Valley. Turn right taking the old road of Campiglio, passing by Fogaiard, Fontanella, Hermitage and arrive in Madonna di Campiglio (1522 m.).