Lake of Rina



The lake is along the side that from Passo delle Erbe goes northwards dividing Val Badia from Val di Lusòn.

  • To the lake from Bressanone Reach Lusòn by bus, then follow the road as far as Hotel Tulperljof. Then enter the dirt road as far as the path n. 14; it takes about 50 minutes to reach the Rifugio Roner. Now you have to run along the path n. 2/A which leads to Rifugio Giogo d'Asta in about 45 minutes. Continue as far as the Rifugio Prato Croce (4 hours from the village). To reach the lake 2 more hours walk are necessary.
  • From San Martino in Badia: (shorter than the previous one) A morning bus leads to Antermòia, from where you have to continue along the path n. 20/B as far as you reach Forcella di Lusòn and Rifugio Val dal Le (it takes about 1,15 hours). As you reach the lake turn south-east to go back to the valley.