Hight Route n.6





High route n.6
Route: from Sappada to Vittorio Veneto.
Medium altitude: 2000 m
Medium duration: 10/12 days
Difficulty: medium/high

Although this route unwinds partly in the Pre-Alps, it is sometimes harder than those running at a higher altitude. Nowadays the trails are overgrown or covered with stones, even though the main ones are signalled and sometimes equipped: it is the "High Route of Silence" - as there is really nobody in sight!

The starting point of this High Route is at the foot of Mt Peralba, where the river Piave has its source, and reaches Vittorio Veneto after climbing over several massifs such as Rinaldo and Terze Ranges, Mt Sauris, Tiarfin, Cridola, Spalti and Monfalconi up to Col Nudo - Cavallo. The average altitude is 2000 metres; there are frequent stretches of rough terrain.

One of the most relevant problems to face while following this route is the lack of water.

High Route no.6 starts from the "Sorgenti del Piave" Refuge, where the road of Val Sesis ends - for those who come from Sappada. It takes 10 days to cover the main part. Alternatively, it takes 13/14 days if you include:

  • The climb from Sappada to the river Piave Springs, through the Val Sèsis road;
  • The high crossing of Monfalconi;
  • the diversion to Rifugio Tita Barba and Cavalèt;
  • The climb to Bivacco Frisacco in Col Nudo.

Rifugio Sorgenti del Piave - Sappada
4 hours
Few metres before the Springs, turn left and enter the path n. 136. Run along it till a junction. Now turn left end enter the path n. 129. Then turn westwards and reach the saddle of Monte Franza. From here three paths left: enter the south-eastwards one and reach the Passo del Mulo. From the Passo descend along a path till the Olbe Lakes. From here turn westwards (path n. 141), and descend southwards to Rifugio Monte Ferro (1563 m), then continue till Sappada (Granvilla hamlet - 1218m).

Sappada - Rifugio F.lli De Gasperi
4 hours
From Sappada (Granvilla) cross the meadows till the river Piave, then pass a little bridge and enter the Rio Storto Valley, following the road which leads to Rio del Gufo. The path n. 314 continues along the stream. Turn left and go uphill till a waterfall. The path continues till the entrance of the Ciadin di Elbel, and then turn southwards and reach Passo Elbel. From the pass turn right along the base of the Campanile di Mimoias (path n. 315), then turn again left through a wood till Casera di Clap Piccolo. Here you have to enter the path n. 201: follow it till Rifugio F.lli De Gasperi (1767 m).

Rifugio F.lli De Gasperi - Rifugio Tenente Fabbro
4 hours
From Rifugio F.lli De Gasperi enter the path n. 201 and follow it till Casera di Mimoias, then descend to Rio Mimoias, cross it and turn southwards through the wood till Casera Lavardeet. From here continue on the right, along a path which leads to Casera Campo and then to the Frison Stream. Few metres past the stream, you will see a juncton: turn left to Casera Sottopiova and Rifugio Tenente Fabbro (1783 m).

Rifugio Tenente Fabbro - Rifugio Giaf
6.30 hours
From the Rifugio reach the Sella di Campigotto and continue till the junction. The path descends through Val di Roda and enter the Doana road (1559 m). Continue westwards along the road untill Casera Doana. Always along the path n. 336, go uphill to Passo del Ladro. Then leave this path and climb to Col Pioi, and descend again into the wood along the Costa Bordonà. At about 1400 m you will meet the path n. 207, follow it until Stabie haylofts. Now continue till you reach Passo della Mauria, turn southwards to Tora stream. Pass it and continue to the springs of the Rio Vigogna. Turn towards Val di Giaf and then, after a short uphill stretch, reach Rifugio Giaf (1405 m).

Rifugio Giaf - Bivacco Casera Laghet de Sora
6 hours
From the Rifugio continue along the path n. 346, which winds among the wood. As yo uexit from the wood you will see the Torre Spinotti and the Torre Antonio Berti. The path reaches Forcella Scodavacca, and from here it descend to Val Pra di Toro and reaches the wide valley of the Casera Pra di Toro. At the lower border of the valley there is the Rifugio Padova (1278 m). From here enter the path n. 350 which descends to Rio Talagona. Follow the valley on the left, called Fosso degli Elmi. Here you will meet the path from Vedorcia that will lead you to Forcella Spe.

Bivacco Casera Laghet de Sora - Bivacco Griselin
8 hours
From the bivouac enter the path which climbs westwards (take care of the signs!). Cross a big valley till you reach the Forcella Val dei Drap. Go downhill along the opposite slope till a little saddle on the right. Cross it till Forcella dei Cacciatori, then cross the Valle dei Cantoni too, and go uphill a channel and reach Forcella Compol. From here start the descent to Bivacco Paolo Griselin.

Bivacco Griselin - Rifugio Maniago - Erto - Cimolais
6 hours
From the bivouac follow the path n. 358, which runs at the foot of the Cima dei Frati. Start climbing till you reach the highest of the three carvings in the rock of the Costa dei Tass, that can be seen from the rifugio. Pass Cima dei Frati and go downhill, along the steep wall and the scree from Forcella dei Frati. Reach Forcella Duranno where you will see the path n. 374. Pass the Forcella and descend to Gravina del Duranno to Rifugio Maniaco. From the rifugio continue along the path n. 374, which goes downhill till the riverbed of the Semola river. Pass it and enter the road which leads to Erto. From Erto you can catch the but to Cimolais.

Cimolais - Rifugio Alpago (Chies)
8 hours
From Cimolais reach Cellino di Sopra, and then enter Val Chialedina. Go uphill the whole valley to Casera Gravezza. From here continue climbing till 1400 metres, then turn right and climb among mugo pines and beeches. Now you are arrived at a gorge that keeps a statue of the Madonna. Go uphill to Passo Valbona. Turn towards Col di Piero. Continue to Montanes and then to Pedol, Funes, Irrighe, Camera. From here enter the road which leads directly to the Rifugio Alpago.

Rifugio Alpago (Chies) - Rifugio Semenza - Cansiglio
7 hours
From Rifugio Alpago enter the eastward road which leads to Casera Cate. Then enter the path n. 924 and enter the bushes at the end of Val Salatis. As you exit the wood, continue to Casera Pian de le Stele. Go on along Val Salatis till you meet a junction: turn right and go uphill to Forcella Laste. Here there are Bivacco Laste and the Rifugio "C. e M. Semenza". From the Rifugio descend along the path n. 923, along the Val de Piera, and then turn left at the junction. Reach Casera Palantina, and then, from here, Canaie. From here, continue along the path n. 922 to Campon.

Campon - Vittorio Veneto
7.30 hours
From Campon follow the road which leads to Palughetto, but at the second hairpin bend turn right and enter the mule track which leads to Val Piccola. Cross the road and continue south-westwards till you cross another one. Continue till the path becomes uneven, then turn towards Col de Feda, and reach Casere Pizzoc. The High Route continues downhill on the left, descending Agnelezza slope till Monte Costiera. The path continues downhill till it meets another road and then climbs on the north-western slope of the Costa di Serravalle till the stone quarry. Pass the quarry and enter the path which leads to Serravalle square in Vittorio Veneto.