High Route n.7




30 km



Itinerary : following the steps of the Austrian mountaineer Patèra along the mountain trails in the Alpago Prealps
Average height: 2000 m
Average duration: 5 days

The whole high route develops along the 30-km-long calcareous ridge of Col Nudo - Cavallo (Eastern Alps - Carnia Pre-Alps), separating the lower basin of the Piave river from the Vajont and Cellina streams, on the border between the provinces of Belluno and Pordenone.

The main ridge of the Col Nudo - Cavallo Group includes over twenty peaks, such as Col Nudo, Mt. Teverone, Crep Nudo, Punte della Federola, Mt. Messer and Mt. Cavallo.

This route unwinds at an average altitude of 2000 m; and the climbing difficulty never exceeds the 2nd grade. Anyway, many parts of the trail are exposed and dangerous because of their rough terrain. However, the trail has been equipped with climbing aids, which enable mountaineers to climb as easily as possible.

Since there aren't many refuges along the route, hikers should take with them sleeping bags and tents to camp (for example, at the end of the first stage, near Col di Piero or Forcella Bassa, behind Mt Teverone). The trail marker consist in a red circle with a blue centre.

Rifugio Dolàda - Forcella Bassa

5 hours

Take the path which climbs to Forcella Dolada, from the refuge bearing the same name, then continue north-eastwards, along the ridge, until you reach Col Mat. From here, go downhill to Forcella Galina. Follow the trail marker to a gravelly pass, which is below the Forcella della Lastra. Then continue the climb to Cimon de le Basilighe, but before reaching its peak turn right and start to descend towards Valbona. Continue south-eastwards until you reach Forcella Bassa.

Forcella Bassa - Crèp Nudo - Casèra Venal
8 hours

This stretch is very difficult. Most of it coincides with the Equipped trail Rino Costacurta. At the end of it you should leave the ridge and descend to Casèra Venàl, where it is possible to find a shelter.

Casèra Venal - Bivacco "Alessio Toffolòn"

4 hours

From Casèra Venàl climb back to the ridge. Go past Forcella Federòla and then, as you have passed Monte Antànder westwards, stop at the Bivouac "Alessio Toffolòn".

Bivouac "Alessio Toffolòn" - Refuge "C. e M. Semenza" - Bivouac Lasté

8 hours

Climb to Mount Mèsser, and descend along the southern slope and along an exposed ridge taking to Cima del Brutt Pass. Reach Monte Poster, continue along another stretch of ridge until you reach Forcella i Muri and to the peak. From here descend from the southern slope until you reach the Forcella di Grava Piana, then continue along the ridge till the end of it. Climb to the peak of Mount Sestièr and descend through the eastern slope. Arrive to Forcella Sestièr, then to Forcella Caulana and finally to Rifugio Semenza.

Refuge "C. e M. Semenza" - Bivouac Lasté - Tambre d'Alpago

4.30 hours

This last stretch climbs to Mount Cavallo and to Cimòn di Palantìna to end the route in Col Indes, in the municipality if Tambre d'Alpago, after you have crossed a tract of the Cansiglio Forest.