From Siusi to Lakes of Fiè: ancient fishing lake of Fiè/Völs Lords


5 km

Height difference:

156 m



Starting-point: Siusi/Seis (997 mt.)
At a glance: Siusi/Seis - Salegg Hotel - Laghetti di Fiè/Völser Weiher - Fiè/Völs - Siusi/Seis
Highest point: Laghetti di Fiè/Völser Weiher (1036 mt.)
Altitude difference: 156 m
Difficulty: two climbing-boots hike

Useful advice: the ancient fishing lake of Fiè/Völs Lords is a famous hiking goal, reachable on every season. The hike is very easy and goes from Siusi/Seis to the lakes of Fiè/Völs, with many possibilities to edit our way, for example towards the Tuff Alm, the Hofer Alpl, Umes/Ums, Sciliar/Schlern and Monte Covone/Tschafon.

Itinerary description: from Siusi/Seis (997 mt.) we go on the road that goes to Fiè/Vols and then on the side way (number 2) towards Selva di Castelvecchio/Wolkenstein Hauenstein until the original Salegg Hotel (1026 mt.), which is near to the ruins of ruins Castle Salego/Salegg (1125 mt.; 15 minutes far from the hotel). A few minutes of walk later, below us, there is S. Virgilio Hotel.
From the ancient Salegg Hotel the footpath takes us through fresh shady fields and quiet slopes along a wood. During the walk we enjoy a magnificent view over Punta Santner/Santner Spitze, Gabels, Mull and little Sciliar/Schlern. Then we cross a big canal and a little wood reaching the Laghetti di Fiè/Völser Weiher (Little lakes of Fiè/Völs; 1036 mt.; 1 hour and ½ far from Siusi/Seis); they were made from the lords of this area in the Middle Ages as fishing lake, but used also for dark rituals during the religious persecutions against the wicth.
Nowadays it is a beloved recreation place with two Hotels in its immediate surroundings. Footpath number 1 goes towards Zimmerlehen residence, where many paintings are still exposed. In Fiè/Völs we take the bus to return to Siusi/Seis (1 bus each ½ hour).

Maps: Freytag & Berndt, sheet S 1 (Bolzano/Bozen - Merano/Meran e dintorni); Kompass, sheet 54 (Bolzano/Bozen); Kompass, sheet 54 (Bolzano/Bozen).