Tour of the Hamlets- Sappada




7 km

Height difference:

100 m



Starting point: Borgata Soravia
Lenght: 6.8 km
Duration: 50 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Difference in height: 100 m
Comments: fro everybody

Leave the "Agriturismo" Zaine behind, turn right and then left, entering in Borgata Ecche. A descent leads to the main road. Here, turn right and past the barracks turn left descending along the river. At the sport stadium and the soccer field, turn left, pass the bridge and enter the wood. Now follow the mule track along the river. After about 3 km cross a stream and then go straight till you cross again the river Piave and your are back on the right bank. Near the Baita Mondschein, run along the asphalted uphill road till you enter an unasphalted flat road, towards the clay-pigeon shooting. From here, turn back towards the village. Few metres ahead cross the high road and enter the road which passes in front of the Museo Etnografico. Cross a wooden bridge and then, past the Fire Brigade barracks run uphill the road which cross Sappada hamlets: in a short time you will be back at the starting point.