Cycling in Livinallongo del Col di Lana




12 km

Height difference:

400 m



From Renaz, among history and wonderful sceneries

Starting point: Renaz, Latteria sociale
Lenght: 12 km
Duration: 1,30 hour
Difficulty: easy
Difference in height: 400 m
Comments: interesting itinerary from an historical and environmental pointof view. Breathtaking panoramas on the most beautiful mountain chains (Civetta and Sella) thaetre of batles during the First World War (Col di Lana)

You leave from Renaz dairy, and enter the road to Cherz; once you arrive in this hamlet, pass the first houses and then turn left: few metres ahead the asphalted road will end. Continue uphill and reach Malga Cherz; just before the Malga turn right into the downhill mule track. Pass two little bridges and, after 4,7 km from the start, you will arrive to Contrin hamlet (where the road is again asphalted) and then, continuing the descent, to Lasta. Now go on along the road till Corte (passing a fort of the First World War on the right), and reach the highroad after 8,7 km from the start. Turn left into the highroad, till you reach a path on the right (sign to Vallazza and Renaz).
This path goes downhill (in a sweet gradient) among the meadows, and then becomes quite difficult till the enter of an asphalted road at a hairpin bend. Now turn left, and descend towards Ruaz, Renaz. At a hairpin bend near the first houses in Ruaz, leave the asphalt and go on along a downhill path among the houses (a grey one on the right and a wooden one on the left) which leads to a little bridge. At the junction past the bridge enter the mule track on the left, and continue first along a short flat stretch and then along more binding slopes. Pass S. Giovanni hamlet (remember to have a look at its bell tower), and reach Fossal and the asphalted road on the left, past a sawmill. Turn right and go uphill, then at a pylon turn left. Continue along the mule track, and after few binding stretches you will arrive at an old building, part in wood and part in stone made. Here enter another mule track on the right, which is almost steep at its very beginning. Climb to Renaz hamlet and at the homonymous church enter the highroad. Turn left and ater 20 metres you will reach the dairy, starting point of this journey.