Cycling in Feltrino




22 km

Height difference:

580 m



The country side between the mountains and the Piave river

(Santa Giustina, San Gregorio and Cesiomaggiore town councils)

Starting point: from S. Giustina Bellunese
Lenght: 21,5 Km
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: easy
Difference in height: 580 m

From the wide central place in Santa Giustina you pass the Veses river through the new little bridge and you continue on the left, along via Costabella. Soon you will plunge in the gree countryside of Paluch; after a steeper stretch, with the wonderful monte Pizzocco overhanging, you turn left to Fumach at the crossing, where you can see a crucifix. At the next crossing turn right, and then left so that you enter the steep road to Barp; past the few houses continue on the left. Few steps separate you from the crossing with the road to Cesiomaggiore and San Gregorio (about 500 metres). But before entering the town, leave this road and follow the signs to Roncoi. Recover your strenght after the tiring climbing, and then climb again on the left to Fontanelle.
On the left you enter an easy unasphalted road; few metres ahed the asphalted one goes on. At the crossing, few metres before the farm, turn right and then left at the next crossing. From here you can quickly descend to San Gregorio and then, from here follow the signs to Cesiomaggiore. A sweet descent leads you to a bridge on the veses river, then turn right into an unasphalted road which leads to Campel and will became soon asphalted.
Climb towards case Marianne and then descend quickly to Cesiomaggiore, pass the town and turn left at the crossing to Santa Giustina. Follow this road to Marsiai; and then turn agin rightalong via dei Mori. You pleasantly pedal along the unasphalted road to the crossing where the asphalt continue. Go down the railway bridge and then turn left at the crossings in order to avoid the main road.