Cycling in Bellunese: Through Val Canali, Valle del Mis, Sedico till Belluno




73 km

Height difference:

600 m



From the Ritonda in Val Canali (TN) you descend along the Val Canali road. After 2 km turn left, at the next crossing turn left again and, at the second hairpin bend, enter the path on the right. Once you reconnect to a road follow it on the right till you enter again the asphalted road turn right towards Passo Cereda. Here you have to go towards Malga Fossetta and, at a crossing, past the barrier continue on the left. Now follow the signs to Sagron, and once you arrive there, continue on the left to Mis, and then Gosaldo, Zavat. When in Gosaldo turn right to Rivamonte and then to wards Tiser.

Then you pass the hamlets of Curti, Incasal, Lambroi till Bitti, where at the next crossing you turn left and continue along the road of the Valle del Mis. Past the dam, continue to Regolanova, Mas and then Belluno. At the next crossing you have to turn right to Sedico. At the Cater Meccanica depot, turn right and at the next crossing left. Continue straight ahead and then on the right towards the Cordevole River. Follow the bank and at a crossing run along the excavated road on the right, and so also at the next one, till you arrive at a church. Here turn right and cross the centre of Sedico towards Villiago, Triva, Pasa. At a crossing turn left to Villiago. After about two km enter the highroad to Belluno till you turn right into an excavated road, which leads you to Salce. Continue on the left and then turn right and cross the hamlet of Salce. Just before the kindergarten turn right, go under a bridge and turn left till a next crossing where you have to turn right to Belluno. Once in Belluno you turn towards Nevegal, you cross the bridge on the River Piave and continue towards Trento, Feltre. After 71,1 km from the starting point you will arrive at a crossing and turn left towards Anconetta (Ristorante al Borgo); at the next crossing you turn right and continue till the crossing with the fountain: here turn left. At the next crossing turn right to the Mirandola "agriturismo".

Starting point: Val Canali (TN) - Ritonda
Lenght: 72,5 km
Duration: 5,15 hours
Difficulty: medium
Difference in height: 600 m
Comments: for skilled excursionists