Cycling in Colle Santa Lucia neighbourhood

Between nature and history in the shade of majestic peaks

From Colle Santa Lucia place, enter the asphalted road which leads to Passo Falzarego. At the first crossing turn right. Past Collaz hamlet, turn left and continue downhill along a mule track. At a crossing, 6 km after turn right. After about 8 km you will reach Andraz hamlet. Here, at a bridge, there is a crossing: turn right and go along the uphill mule track. At the end you will see the high road: cross it and enter the asphalted road which leads to Larzonei. The climb is binding. Past Larzonei hamlet, you will abandon the asphalt and continue on a mule track characterized by down and uphill sometimes binding. Follow the mule track till the crossing near Colcuc. Turn first left and then right, following the directions to Forzela, even if, to say the truth, you will arrive only to Forcia. The itinerary winds now along a steep and uneven path. In Forcia a downhill mule track starts on the left. Go towards Ru hamlet, at about 16 km from the starting point. Past Ru, go back to the asphalted road and turn to Colle Santa Lucia.

Starting point: Colle S. Lucia
Length: 17.6 km
Duration: 1.50 hours
Difficulty: medium
Difference in height: 460 m
Comments: breathtaking panorama

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 18 km
Duration: 03:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 460 m