The villas of Cart avenue and the Route of the Woods: villa De' Mezzan and villa Lusa



This itinerary winds among an area particularly rich in villas, thanks to its environmental and landscape characteristics. Indeed the hamlets of Cart, Villabruna and Arsòn are spread with villas from different periods and with different styles.
Starting from Cart avenue, and past the homonymous village, you have to continue along a dirt road as far as Cart Alto. From Villabruna continue north-eastwards along the panoramic "route of the woods". In Grum you can admire Villa De' Mezzàn, surrounded by the wonderful wrought iron gate made by Carlo Rizzarda (1883-1931). From here you can see also Villa Lusa, also known as "Castel Lusa". As yougo uphill towards Arsòn, you can admire a second Villa Lusa and the wonderful landscape on the Feltre countryside and on the territory of Cesiomaggiore.