From Pedavena to Feltre through the "Canalet": villa Pasole and villa Tonello



As you enter the road which links Feltre to Pedavena and continue towards this second locality, you will cross the ancient hamlet of Farra. At the borders of the village you can see two wonderful ancient villas. Continuing uphill along the road lined with trees, you will get to Pedavena, where the great villa Pasole lies. This villa is particularly well-known thanks to its beauty. Then, as you go past the little village of Sant'Osvaldo, you will enter the road called the "Canalèt". Continuing in direction Fonzaso, you can admire other villas and, going back to Artèn you can visit villa Tonello, one of the most important structures from the point of view of architecture and paintings.
This tour ends in Tomo, where you can admire villa Guarnieri