Motorbike itinerary: on the passes of the Giro d'Italia from Conegliano to Corvara

Our itinerary starts from Conegliano, in the Province of Treviso. The town, built upon an old Pre-Roman settlement, is rich in XV century frescoed buildings, and is also the seat of the medieval Brotherhood of the Battuti.

From Conegliano you have to reach Vittorio Veneto, the town born in 1866 from the union of the two centres of Ceneda and Serravalle, an old Roman castrum dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele II, King of Italy, to celebrate the annexation of Veneto to the reign of Italy. From there, driving along the Fadalto, get to Ponte nelle Alpi and Longarone, the town known for the tragedy of the Vajont in 1963, then rebuilt, which is nowadays a lively and active centre characterized by an economy which is mainly industrial (many are in fact the factories that produces glasses, fabric, electronics...). From here you will enter the Val Zoldana which winds along the river Maè, among relaxing sights, enchanting landscapes and forests overlooked by the Civetta Group and by the wonderful massif of the Pelmo, as far as Forcella Staulanza.
The next stage is Forno di Zoldo, the town that in the XVI century had been an important metallurgic pole under the Venetian Dominion. In Pieve hamlet the Church of San Floriano is worth a visit, with its façade frescoed by the artists of the school of Titian and a famous altar curved by the sculptor Andrea Brustolon.

From Forno di Zoldo get to Selva di Cadore, the centre of which offers examples of the architectonic tradition in the Veneto Alps with its wood and stone country houses. You can also visit the Church of San Lorenzo and the Museum of the Val Fiorentina valley, where there are the skeleton and the funeral equipment of a Mesolithic hunter known as the "man of Mondeval", discovered in 1987 in Mondeval de Sora, near Passo Giau.

As you cross Forcella Staulanza, you get to Colle Santa Lucia, in the charmed paradise of Passo Giau at about 2500 metres among the mounts Averau, Nuvolau and Fusela.

Through Passo Fedaia drive to Canazei through Caprile, Rocca Pietore and Malga Ciapela. Certainly it is worth stopping in one of these hamlets before getting to Canazei, to enjoy the scenery this itinerary offers.

Back on the road, the first village you meet is Caprile, a tourist resort which still keeps several old country buildings and from where you can reach the foot of the Marmolada. Then you have to drive to Rocca Pietore, where in the late-gothic parish church you can see a flüdealtar of a German School, dated back to 1500. Above, the valley gets narrower and you leave the main road on your left and drive to the hamlet of Sottoguda, to admire the deep gorge of the Serrai di Sottoguda, where a stream flows for 2 km between high rocky walls. At the end of the Serrai you will see the chapel that gives the name to Malga Ciapela (indeed in dialect "Ciapela" means chapel). Malga Ciapela is the lower cableway station to the Marmolada, taking to a wonderful panoramic viewpoint of the Dolomites surrounding the widest glacier of the region.

In Canazei, the sport and skiing capital of the Fassa Valley, surrounded by the Marmolada in the south-east, by the Sella Group in the north-east and by the Sasso Lungo in the north-west, three roads wind up to three Alpine passes.

From here enter the main road to Passo Pordoi.

Through this Pass you will get to Arabba, well-known town for the skiing resort close to the Sella Group.

As you cross Passo Campolongo, you will get to the last stop of this itinerary: Corvara, an important skiing resort in Pusteria. Those who do not love sport can decide to visit the church of Santa Caterina, dated back to a late gothic period and enriched by fine frescoes.

Schematic route

  • Starting point: Conegliano.
  • Continue to Vittorio Veneto along the SS 51.
  • From Vittorio Veneto drive along the SS 51, cross the Faldalto until you get to Ponte nelle Alpi.
  • Drive to Longarone along the SS 51.
  • Get to Forno di Zoldo along the SS 251.
  • Pass Villa di Zoldo and get to Selva di Cadore (along the SS 251) via Forcella Staulanza (mt. 1773).
  • Get to Colle Santa Lucia along the SS 251.
  • Drive to Passo Fedaia (mt. 2057) via Caprile, Rocca Pietore and Malga Ciapela along the SS 641.
  • Descend to Canazei along the SS 641.
  • Get to Passo Pordoi (mt. 2239) along the SS 48 and then continue to Arabba.
  • Cross Passo Campolongo (mt. 1875) and get to Corvara in Alta Badia along the SS 244.

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