Laconicum and tepidarium

The laconicum, the dry sweating room of the Roman thermal baths, is the perfect alternative if you can't use a traditional sauna. It is ideal to prevent diseases and to strengthen the immune system. The temperature, ranging between 55° C and 75° C, causes intense perspiration, thus purifying and detoxifying your body.

Before going into the laconicum you can sit in the tepidarium room, with heated benches (39° C) that rise your body temperature, preparing it for a sauna session. Before entering the laconicum room and sitting on its benches, it is advisable to wet them with a special faucet.

The laconicum has Roman origins and is a room where a temperature rise is obtained warming the floor, the walls and the benches. The high temperature and a 50% humidity cause intense perspiration, especially in the parts of the body that need it most.

Each session, lasting 30 to 40 minutes, will give you a pleasant feeling, and afterwards a cold shower or a rest in the relaxation area will immediately invigorate you.

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