Wine and food tour in the Bellunese

To fully appreciate the places in which you choose to spend your holidays, you should do more than just admire the beautiful landscapes: try for example enjoying the fragrances coming from a table covered with food and the flavors of local products. The Bellunese offers you simple yet renowned products, often protected by geographical indications ensuring their quality and genuineness. The ancient recipes of the cuisine of the Bellunese, coming from the rural tradition and having simple yet tasty ingredients, are served in most of the restaurants and mountain refuges of the area.

Wild herbs, honey, mushrooms, legumes and vegetables are the main ingredients of tasty main courses like the soups or the minestrone prepared with the Lamon beans, a PGI product, or the potatoes of Cesiomaggiore. Both are produced in the Feltrino, an area famous also for its walnuts, marrons and for the "pom Prussian", an apple variety. Excellent are also the bread specialties and the home-made pasta dishes, like the famous casunziei of Cortina d'Ampezzo, where the cuisine shows Tyrolean influences, the polenta dumplings, the so called panada, prepared with stale bread and water, or the herb ravioli with poppy seeds of Sappada.

A wine and food tour of the Bellunese is not complete without a taste of the second courses. Many of the dishes are made either with game meat, cold cuts and salami, like the famous pastin of minced meat and the lamb of Alpago, or with cheeses like Schiz or Piave, a PDO product. You should also try the mountain snails. The most common side dish for these courses is usually the polenta, made with either common maize flour or Sponcio maize flour.

Among the desserts there are the orange tart, the kodinza (a cake with an apple filling), fritters with caraway seeds, the kodinzon (dried apple chips), and the peta with dried figs and raisins filling. Among the beverages there are the grappa flavored with fruits or herbs, such as the grappa made out of caraway seeds, the Pedavena beer and the Barancino.

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