Glorenza, churches, patrol walks and historical buildings

The town of Glorenza is a medieval border and commercial town with its completely preserved gigant renaissance town walls and town doors, the picturesques arcades and the stately noble and middle-class buildings of the 13th to 16th century. The town offers the possibility to revive an original atmosphere of the past.

With its 850 inhabitants, Glorenza is the smallest town in Tyrol and in Italy too, but it can boast an incredibly compact structure.

Walking round Glorenza, with its historical buildings, its porticos, its churches and patrol walks, means to plunge in a living past, and travel backwards into time, back to the Middle Ages.

The partition walls of the town, with their round corner towers, calls to mind the war periods and the sovereign policy, to say nothing about the period when Glorenza was the obliged passage in the trade of salty almonds among southern Germany, Austria and Lombardy.

Originally a village, in the years 1291-1294 Glorenza was given the merit of "civitas" by the ruler prince of Tyrol Maynard II. The most flourishing period was in the XIV and XV centuries.

Interesting to see are the ruins of the village of the XII century still well preserved, the porticos of the XIII century and the old fortifications, the elegant buildings of the XVI century and the partition walls of the Renaissance period still intact.

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