Carnival in Forno di Zoldo: the Gnaga

Event date 05-02-2023

The Gnaga is the traditional Carnival of Fornesighe di Zoldo, one of the most typical and peculiar in the Alps. On February handcrafts, wood carving and gastronomy blend in a unique event. The protagonists are the wood masks, which participate in a special competition. Don't miss the Gnaga parade.

The Gnaga: Carnival in Forno di Zoldo 

If you like wood carving and handicrafts, you will have the opportunity to admire artists carving the wood masks which will be worn at Carnival: each of them is a real masterpiece. Wood carvers take part in a real competition. During the Carnival a Contest of the wooden masks of mountain Carnivals is organized, and a jury of important personalities in the field of the arts chooses the most beautiful character.

The Gnaga Carnival parade of Sunday is led by the Matazin. This character can be found in other Alpine Carnivals as well: he doesn't wear any mask, he runs and jumps catching the crowd's attention ringing his harness-bells. The most typical wood mask of Val Zoldana is the Gnaga, representing an old humpbacked woman wearing enormous wood clogs and carrying her husband in a wicker backpack: a satire of the role played by women in the traditional society. The most frightening mask is the Omo selvadego, the terrible "man of the forest", with hairy body and protruding fangs.

Attending Carnival in Forno di Zoldo you can also discover the gastronomy, with stands serving local specialties. Great ending, with dances and traditional dishes.

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