Fondo: canyons and snowshoes

The municipality of Fondo lies in the lush green valley of Val di Non, in Trentino, between the mountain passes Palade and Mendola. Its territory, on an altitude of about 1000 meters, comprises colorful expanses of water, gentle slopes and steep canyons, so many and so fascinating that they became the main attraction of this valley, known also as the "Valley of Canyons". Fondo provides also the perfect environment for your leisure activities.

Among the natural attractions of Fondo, two artificial lakes stand out: Lake Tret and Lake Smeraldo. The first is located in the administrative division of Tret; to reach it, drive up to the Scoiattolo Hut, then continue on foot for about one hour on the trail n. 512, in the direction of the Palade Pass. Lake Smeraldo can be reached on foot through the adventurous trail "passeggiata del burrone" (walk of the ravine), running on footbridges, which are lit also by night, through the gorge carved by the Sass stream. This lake has a nice shore, perfect for relaxing, and its fresh and clean waters are wonderful for swimming.

The canyons carved by the streams are what make the landscape of Fondo unique. Besides the adventurous trail along the gorge taking to Lake Smeraldo, you can choose to explore other canyons: the main attraction is Rio de Sass Canyon, an exciting two hour descent in the underworld of Val di Non, at the discovery of stalactites, stalagmites, waterfalls, algae and mosses of strange colors, suspension bridges and rock stairs, for a 145 meter vertical drop. If you want to see this wonder of nature, the social cooperative of Fondo organizes guided tours.

Fondo isn't an attraction only for trekkers and cavers, it has also an artificial practice wall open all year round for those who want to try different climbing techniques and difficulty levels. The wall is hosted inside the Town Hall, in the center of the village. In winter you can practice ice skating at the Palasmeraldo, an indoor facility offering individual and group lessons, nighttime ice skating and equipment rental.

Snowshoeing is not simply a sport, but a long standing tradition in Fondo, which feature many dedicated routes. In most cases, the trekking trails become in fact wonderful snowshoeing trails in winter, and you can tread on the soft snow admiring the silent landscape. Moreover, every year in January takes place "La Ciaspolada", a worldwide famous snowshoeing race.

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