Folgaria, ski resort and trekking trails surrounded by forests

Heart of the Skitour dei Forti ski resort, Folgaria is a renowned summer and winter tourist resort of the Plateau of Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna, lying at an altitude of 1200 m at the foot of the Cornetto Mountain and stretching on a plain overlooking the surrounding valleys. In winter it is a skiing paradise, while in summer with its tours and events it becomes a favourite meeting point for trekkers and mountain bikers.

The ski area includes 62 km Alpine skiing slopes and 47 km cross-country skiing trails that connected with the Lavarone ski runs constitute one of the most loved ski resorts: the Skitour dei Forti. Here besides skiing you can have fun in the snowboard park, practice sledging, swimming, ice skating in the largest indoor rink of the lower Trentino, or gym in the well equipped indoor sports arena.

In summer you can go for pleasant walks in the forests, reaching spots of great naturalistic value like the Ecken biotope and the Hofentol waterfall. Other sites, like those where the tragic events of the First World War took place, hold a great historical value and are connected through the Trekking dei Forti trails. There are also some theme routes like the geomorphologic route or the Sentiero della Pace. If you are looking for long-distance trails to be hiked in more than one day, we suggest you the European Walking Route E5.

On the other hand, mountain bike lovers have at their disposal the trails of the "100 km dei Forti", of the Folgaria Megabike and of the Fortezza Bike Tour, famous also because of the big competitions taking place on them. The tourist resort has also golf courses, football fields, tennis courts, a mountain bike gym, a platform for unpowered flight and a Nordic Walking Park.

You can also go for pleasant walks along its roads, through hamlets rich of history. Folgaria is in fact one of the oldest communities of the Trentino region. This tourist resort of German-Cymbrian origins has always fought to keep its independence, so much that it still bears the title of Magnifica Comunità, giving it once the power of home rule. If you want to dive into art and history you should visit the typical rural building of Maso Spilzi, the village of Guardia, rich in murals, the water powered sawmill in San Sebastiano, and the archaeological site of Carbonare... to fully appreciate the gifts of such a rich territory.

Alpe Cimbra – Folgaria Lavarone Lusérn • Via Roma, 67 - 38064 Folgaria ( TN )

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Natural Parks in the Province of Trento

The natural parks in the Province of Trento occupy one third of the whole territory. There are more than 3,800 different kind of animals and plants.

The most famous three Natural Parks in Trento are:


Winter Nordic walking on the Trentino tablelands

Nordic walking has become more and more popular in the last years. This discipline can be done in winter too, on snow-covered itineraries trough white forests, like on the Trentino Tablelands of Folgaria, Lavarone and...

The Emperor's Forts

The Austrian forts of the the Great War on the Trento tablelands. Even if since 1882 the Triple Alliance joined Austria and Italy, since 1908 the Viennese Government decided to build a modern and robust wall on the...

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Living the magic of Alpe Cimbra Living the magic of Alpe Cimbra
Living the magic of Alpe Cimbra

Alpe Cimbra is one of the most extensive mountain pastures in Europe, and it includes the location of Folgaria, Lavarone and Lucerne. The area is a high altitude, gentle plateau, alternating between hillocks above 2000 m with pastures, woods and forests. A magic place where nature, history and tradition intertwine. A winter and summer paradise for sports lovers. During the winter the zone offers a wide array of choice from ski-ing, to ski mountaineering, to excursions with snow shoes and much more. Even during the summer season, the choice doesn't diminish: trekking, golf, horse riding, mountain bike, rock climbing and tennis. An extraordinary adventure holiday awaits you here, dedicated to fun and exploration of the breath-taking landscapes.