3 itineraries for the whole family

di Valentina Caiazzo di Amisuradibimbo.com

Who said that with children in strollers you are limited in your movements? Small and not so small can experience the Dolomites, even if they are still equipped with a means of locomotion. As a matter of fact, this can actually reduce fatigue for parents, since they won’t have to carry a tired child.

The itineraries are many and not too challenging. They are designed for those who want to face a mountain even if pushing a pram or stroller, this enjoying the beauty of the Dolomites’ scenery.

3 destinations to visit with children in strollers

1. Fuciade Shelter
Founded around 1960, the Fuciade Shelter is located on an alp at an altitude of 1900 metres, in an area surrounded by the Costabella Group of mountains. The trail is filled with pastures, open spaces, and stroller accessible paths.
By walking one hour, you will reach the baita (small Alp dwelling/cabin), starting from the pass of San Pellegrino, a path that connects Val di Fassa and Moena with Veneto in a spectacular area, beautiful in any season.

2. Cabin at the Falls- Valle san Nicolò (San Nicolò Valley)
Another interesting trail to tackle even with a stroller is the Valley of San Nicolò, to the Cabin at the Falls. The itinerary is approximately 90 minutes, with meadows, woods, and a creek, starting from the Pozza di Fassa Valley and crossing the Valle San Nicolò, one of the most spectacular in the Dolomites. This is a very easy walk, which does not present much difficulty, suitable for adults and children, even with a stroller.
The route winds through the beautiful landscapes of unspoiled nature. Flowering meadows painted in a thousand colors, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the world: Undici Peak and Dodici Peak, the Monzoni Group, the Costabella, Uomo Peak, and Col Ombert.

3. Città di Fiume Shelter
Set in an idyllic location in front of the majestic north face of the Pelmo, the Città di Fiume (River City) shelter is accessible by easy marked trails, even with children and a stroller in tow. Included in the itinerary of the Alta Via n.1 of the Dolomites and the Via Alpina, it is a privileged stop for hikers and families, who want to admire views of the Dolomites.
Access is gained from path 467, at an altitude of about 1660 meters at the 251 provincial hairpin, just a short distance from the Staulanza step.