fabric handicraft

In all the Dolomitic area arts and crafts are characterized by the use of "poor" raw material, skilfully worked, until they became one of the main ecomomic sources; and this happend to the fabric arts and crafts too. In fact, who do not know the precious Flander curtains, sheets and tablecloths of the Dolomites?
Or who have never had the occasion of appreciating the traditional wool and linen clothes, displayed in the shop windows of these smiling mountain hamlets?

Wool fabric is, in fact, the classic loden that nowadays we wear, unaware of the fact that it was originally the sheperds' traditional coat and in the 19th century, thanks to its excellent fitting, it spread among the Austo-Hungarian nobility and eventually became the typical cloth of the imperial excursions and beats. Specialized workshops are in Ortisei, Dobbiaco, San Candido, Brunico and Cortina.
Tyrolese clothes in wool and felt fabric are, almost everywhere, the symbol of the local people, that find their identity in traditions, which are an important part of their local customs.

  • In Bolzano and S. Lorenzo Brunico finds its place the technique of fabric decoration with natural pigments, based on the different patterns of Tyrolese painting such as hunting scenes or still life, stamped on linen and velvet tablecloths, cushions and curtains; in Predoi precious lace pillow embroidery are made on tablecloths, blouses... nearby Bolzano sheep wool fabric carpets, cushions, blankets, and eiderdowns are made.
  • In Ortisei, artsd and crafts production focuses on velvet and corduroy trousers, leather waistcoats and Tyrolese jackets; in Selva di Val Gardena, people make precious lace pillow embroidery, and linen or cotton fabric tablecloths.
  • In Val d' Isarco, in Bressanone, linen or cotton fabric tablecloths, felt and wool slippers.
  • In Val Pusteria, in Brunico you can find loden artistic tablecloths, linen and cotton fabric with traditional patterns for curtains; in Dobbiaco you can buy loden and clothes in wool fabric and Tyrolese costumes; in San Candido workshops meke wool Tyrolese or deer-leather jackets, wool and felt slippers and hats, Tyrolese wool or hare-fur hats, natural fibre shirts, wool and loden fabric clothes.
  • In Val Badìa, in La Valle teh preciuos artistic weaving finds its expression. In Pederoa manufacturing industry focuses on towels, bedspreads and linen, cotton and hemp tablecloths. Nice souvenirs can have the shape of warm wool stocking or coloured wool slippers, besides curtains, sheets and Flander tableckloths.
  • In Cortina Tyrolese clothes, loden, felt hats and coloured and spinned wools are at home. Several workshops are specialized in children dress.
  • In Auronzo di Cadore Tyrolese dress and loden dominate.