Dolomiti Makers: artists from the Dolomites

Discover the Dolomites makers and their activities. Find out who still works in the field of handcraft and design, respecting the culture, traditions and history of the Dolomites. Find out where manual and traditions meet design. Find the eyewear design experts, artisans of wood, iron, stone ... they use raw materials of these territories for unique and original creations


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Wrought iron handicraft

While the wood arts and crafts reached its climax at the end of the Renaissance, especially in Val Gardena, the iron manufacturing found its origins in the Medieval period. In fact, the ground was very rich...

fabric handicraft

In all the Dolomitic area arts and crafts are characterized by the use of "poor" raw material, skilfully worked, until they became one of the main ecomomic sources; and this happend to the fabric...

Other handicrafts

A little space in the mountain arts and crafts field is dedicated to the glass manufacturing.

  • In Bolzano craftsmen manufacture stained glass windows, furnishing complements, artistic...