4 top experiences in the Dolomites in winter

13 December 2022

Today we would like to propose alternatives to skiing for all those who love the mountains in winter. The Dolomites are a magical place, all to be discovered, a magic that has even more charm when the snow falls and whitens the landscape. Why not set off on an all Dolomite adventure? There are various ways to explore these areas without hitting the slopes!

For example, with snowshoes or ski touring, or even by snowmobile or more simply with a horse-drawn carriage ride. Slow-paced winter holidays surrounded by unique panoramas in the most authentic nature amid wide open spaces, pure air and in total solitude!

Have we convinced you? Only one piece of advice: dress well for any activity you choose! It's bound to be cold, so mountain clothing, gloves, warm food and drink and all the equipment you need for your experience!


A fun and distinctive way to travel along snow-covered trails through the forests and cliffs of the Dolomites. What about an aperitif at high altitude? Or lunch at a refuge?

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A sport suitable for all ages for the wellbeing of soul, body and mind: snowshoeing is a true panacea that will take you to the most fascinating places.

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Ski mountaineering

With ski mountaineering on the Dolomite peaks. It takes effort, sweat and a lot of passion to reach them, but once you have reached your destination, the panorama repays all your efforts.

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Horse-drawn carriage rides

But how great is it to be transported by a horse-drawn carriage! Have you ever tried it? If you love riding and the mountains, the Dolomites offer unique trails and dirt roads for a horse-drawn carriage ride!

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For other unique and unforgettable experiences keep following us!

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