Incontri d’Alt(r)a Quota

14 June 2021

Discovering the Dolomites in summer with photographs, typical dinners, stories and paintings. Four workshops in the Dolomites to get to know and experience the area at first hand.

Learning to write about the mountains

On 16 July, the writer Matteo Righetto will accompany participants on a short walk from Passo Staulanza to the Città di Fiume hut (BL), speaking briefly and then giving participants the chance to write or record their impressions, which they will then be invited to translate into a text once they have arrived at their destination. In the afternoon Matteo Righetto will discuss the major themes of the present and the future with those present and with those who, limited to the places available to respect the distance outside the refuge, will have joined him in the meantime. The event will be free of charge. The meeting will be moderated by journalist Giambattista Zampieri.

Dinner with chef Alessandro Gilmozzi

Chef Alessandro Gilmozzi will accompany participants on 20 and 21 July in Val Cimoliana at the Pordenone Hut. On 20 July, in the afternoon, there will be an easy walk along the valley floor to discover the local herbs, which will be the prelude to a dinner prepared by the chef and the manager Marika Freschi. The following day there will be a more demanding excursion to the Campanile di Val Montanaia, the symbol of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park. Once again, the event will be limited to a few participants, who will only be charged for half-board at the refuge.

Drawing and photographing the Dolomites

At the Antermoia hut (TN), on 10 September, there will be a free watercolour painting workshop with Silvia De Bastiani, interpreter of the fossil archipelago.

Between 18 and 19 September, the photographer Moreno Geremetta will accompany participants in a workshop entitled "Capturing moments of light", at the Alpe di Tires hut (BZ). In this case, the participant is responsible for the costs of board and lodging at the hut.

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