Cortina 2021: Special Alpine Skiing World Championships

07 February 2021

On 7 February 2021, the World Ski Championships in Cortina finally got underway with the opening ceremony at 6 pm. A unique spectacle, unfortunately behind closed doors, which many ski fans and others watched from home.

For Italy, days are set to be full of emotions with our Italian champions who are giving their all in the World Cup competitions, bringing home several medals. We are sorry for our Olympic champion Sofia Goggia who will not be able to participate, but we are sure that she will come back stronger than before, "only the brave" she often writes on social networks and we, together with the whole of Italy, are cheering for her! Good luck Sofi!

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Who has been called up for the Italian national team?

Men: Emanuele Buzzi, Mattia Casse, Giovanni Borsotti, Stefano Gross, Matteo Marsaglia, Manfred Moelgg, Dominik Paris, Giuliano Razzoli, Florian Schieder, Riccardo Tonetti, Alex Vinatzer, Luca De Aliprandini and Filippo Della Vite.

Women: Federica Brignone, Marta Bassino, Elena Curtoni, Irene Curtoni, Francesca Marsaglia, Lara Della Mea, Nadia Delago, Martina Peterlini and Laura Pirovano.

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Short history of the World Championships

The Alpine Ski World Championships are a biennial sporting competition organised by the International Ski Federation (FIS).

The first World Championships were held in 1931 and were held every year until 1939. Suspended due to World War II, the World Championships resumed in 1948 and were held every two years. Until 1982, the World Championships were held in even-numbered years and, in the years when the Winter Olympics were held, the Olympic competitions also counted as World Championships. From St. Moritz 1948 to Lake Placid 1980, the Olympic gold medal winners in Alpine skiing were also world champions. Since 1985, the World Championships have been moved to odd-numbered years, to avoid coinciding with the Olympic Games.

The World Championships and Cortina

In 1932 Cortina hosted the second edition of the World Championships. There were six races on the programme and Italian Paula Wiesinger won one gold medal in the downhill. A historic event that represented Italy's first medal at the World Alpine Ski Championships.

60 medals in total in Italian history: 21 gold, 24 silver and 26 bronze. 80 years have passed since the second championships, later cancelled, in Cortina. It was in 1941, during the Second World War: many nations were unable to participate. Due to the war situation, the French and British, as well as the Americans, were among the absentees. The Austrian skiers, on the other hand, had been competing under the banner of the Third Reich since March 1938 (following the Anschluss), while the Soviets had excluded themselves from what they called "bourgeois sport" since 1917. In the end there were 12 participating nations, as in previous editions. Five years later, at the end of the conflict, the Federation, under strong pressure from Norway, decided to cancel the tenth edition of the World Cup. This had never happened in the history of the World Championships and it never happened again.

Cortina was also the protagonist in 1956 with the Olympics. In that year, with the live television broadcast of the Olympic Games for the first time in Italy, Cortina became the tourist destination par excellence. The location is still chosen to host major sporting events. Just think of the more than 25 editions of the Women's Alpine Skiing World Cup, the Nordic skiing events, the Snowboarding World Cup and the Freeride World Cup. Now the Queen of the Dolomites is looking ahead to the future, towards the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics. 

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