Results men's alpine combined Cortina 2021

Marco Schwarz won the men's combined at the World Championships in Cortina. Second Alexis Pinturault and third Loïc Meillard.

First run Super-G
The Canadian James Crawford leads in 1:19.95 with 8 hundredths on Pinturault and 30 on Kriechmayr.

Fourth Mayer at 32, fifth Schwarz at 40, sixth Meillard at 43, seventh Aerni at 53, eighth Caviezel at 56, ninth Jocher at 66 with Tonetti tenth at 69. Franzoni 17th at 1.47, 21st Innerhofer at 1.84.

Second run Slalom
Schwarz leads over Pinturault and Meillard. The best of the Italians Riccardo Tonetti in seventh position. Giovanni Franzoni finished last after straddling the first pole, Christof Innerhofer 14th with a delay of 5''64.

Hotel: Cortina d'Ampezzo and environs