Comelico - Sappada: a paradise for winter sports, summer sports and wellness lovers

Sport lovers, in Comelico and Sappada you can choose among hikes on the trekking trails and vie ferrate, a walk on theme routes, mountain biking, horse trekking, and sport fishing. In winter you can practice downhill run and cross-country skiing, ice climbing, dog sledding, and ski mountaineering. Moreover, you can spend your days relaxing at the Terme delle Dolomiti spa, visiting the artisan shops and the antique wood shops; or you could go and see traditional celebrations, like the Carnival.

And why not trying the local cuisine? It's just delicious!
In summer there is no time for idleness either. A wide network of trekking trails, vie ferrate and theme routes covers the surrounding mountains, like Mount Peralba, where the Piave River rises. Among the theme routes there are the Sentieri del Papa, routes that follow the same trails Pope Wojtyla used to walk, like those in Val Visdende.
If you are a cyclist this area offers you kilometers of dirt tracks for mountain bikers, both experts and beginners, while if you love horse riding, there are beautiful horse trekking trails, along which you can stop at mountain refuges or malghe, typical alpine summer houses.
Sport fishing lovers can practice this sport on the Selva lake, the S. Anna Lake, the Ziegelhutte pool, the Piave River and the Padola stream, both of which offer areas where you can also practice Catch and Release.

In winter in the area of Comelico you can ski in Padola and on the Kreuzbergpass, while Sappada offers about 20 km ski slopes and important cross-country skiing trails, where the two Olympic champions Pietro Piller Cottrer and Silvio Fauner usually train. For your children, in Sappada you find the winter playground Nevelandia.
Here you find also ice rinks, ski climbing tracks, snowmobile trails; and you can practice ice climbing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, or go for a ride on a horse-drawn sleigh. And when you feel tired after all this workout, you can enjoy a relaxing bath or a massage at the Terme delle Dolomiti spa, in Valgrande, and profit from the beneficial properties of the thermal waters.

The best Carnival ever

Carnival is definitely one of the traditional celebrations the locals feel most strongly for. Ancient local traditions and popular culture revive in the Carnival of Sappada, where the starring role is played by the carved masks and the Rollate, a character that wears a heavy sheepskin and a wide hood. In Comelico every hamlet has its Ladin Carnival, but the most famous one is the Mascherata di Sant'Apollonia of Dosoledo. The character leading the parade is the colorful Matazin, or sometimes the Lachè, that wears lighter colors than the Matazin. Two types of characters make up the parade: those embodying youth and beauty, and those embodying old age and ugliness.

Comelico and Sappada: so near, and yet so far

The Val Comelico and the area of Sappada are two neighboring regions, and yet they represent very different realities. Comelico is a Ladin region including five municipalities: Santo Stefano di Cadore, San Pietro di Cadore, Danta di Cadore, San Nicolò di Comelico and Comelico Superiore, which in turn has four hamlets: Padola, Dosoledo, Candide and Casamazzagno.
Sappada is composed by 15 hamlets and the language spoken is a Bavarian-Tyrolese dialect.

A delicious cuisine

The Val Comelico offers local dishes like casunziei, barley soups, kneili, mos, pastin made of game meat, the delicious peta coi pomi and excellent flavored liquors. And don't forget the cheeses, like the Comelico cheese, the hams, the speck and the beef pendole.
A characteristic of the cuisine of Sappada is its use of melted butter as seasoning, and of poppy-seeds in main dishes like the gepichta kropfn or in sweets like the magn kropfn. Typical are also their smoked salami and cheeses. Some of the most distinctive dishes of this area are the saurn schotte, a sour ricotta cheese flavored with aromatic herbs, and a game meat dish served with wild berries jam.

The pictures were kindly provided by Val Comelico tourism association

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