Climbing on Civetta

Civetta group - we are in the "kingdom of the VIth degree": weren't the ways on the Zoldo slope enough, climbers can choose here among three base shelters, the famous Vazzolèr, Tissi, in front of the big wall, and Coldài. It's difficult to mention only the most famous and deserving ways, anyway we can try:

> Castello della Busazza, Via Messner (VI)
> Torre Trieste, Vie Cassin (VI+), Carlesso (VI-VII) and Tissi (V+)
> Cima della Busazza, W edge (V+ but for 1200 m!) and Via Gilberti-Castiglioni (VI)
> Torre di Babele, Soldà edge, V+
> Torre delle Mede, Via Goedeke, IV+
> Torre Venezia, normal way (up to IV), Castiglioni chimney (IV), Vie Tissi (V and V+), Ratti (likewise) and Andrich edge (likewise)
> Punta Agordo, Via Da Roit, IV+
> Campanile di Brabante, Via Tissi, a difficult passage, VI+
> Punta Su Alto, Via Livanos (900 m, VI e VII, artif.) and Via Ratti (VI+)
> Grande Civetta: Via Solleder, 1200 m, V and VI-
> Punta Tissi, Via Philipp Flamm (VI e VII-)
> Punta Civetta, Vie Andrich and Aste (VI+)
> Torre di Valgrande, Via Carlesso, VI and VII
> Torre d'Alleghe, Via Bellenzier, VII

Are they enough? and we've just made an elementary list! Looking up in the guides you'll find out more. For Agordino, in general, you can ask the Tourist Information Offices to know the addresses.

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