Climbing in Zoldano

Group of Spiz de Mezodì: over Forno di Zoldo , South of the village. You can choose Angelini Hut in Sora 'l Sass as base for short climbs or for the famous "Viàz del Gonèla", or Bivacco Carnielli to make the magnificent edge of Spiz di Mezzo (450 m, V), or even to carry out daily trips, leaving your car in Val Prampèr, but walking even for 2 hours to reach the starts.

In the near group of Cima di Prampèr, with the suitable Pramperèt Hut, the only valid destination could be the South edge of Spigol del Palòn, IV e V-.

In the Moschesìn-Tàmer-San Bastiàn group the only achievable destination could be the face of Croda de le Càure, close to Bivacco V Angelini: better ways are on the Agordo slope (cf.).

Moiazza Group is best accessible from Passo Duràn, that you can reach from Dont di Zoldo as well.

The east slope of Civetta is plenty of beautiful and advisable ways: starting from Coldài Hut we recall only the principal ones:

- Torre d'Alleghe, wall, and Via Pierazzo, III and IV
- Torre di Valgrande, NE edge, IV
- Torre di Valgrande, Guides' Cleft, VI+ and VII-
- Pan di Zucchero, E wall, Via Schober, VI
- Really remunerative, but not repeated, the great ways opened by Dorotei, Masucci & C. on Punta Civetta,
- Pilastro del Zuitòn, Cima Tomè...see Kelemina Guide!

The monolithic group of Pelmo offers many ways, but few of them are repeated; on the Zoldo slope we mention:

- Pelmetto, NW edge, Via Casara: strict, 900 m, up to V!
- Pala Sud of Pelmo, different ways, 400 m, IV-V
- La Dambra, different short ways, IV and V
- Pelmo, Pillar of the Scoiattoli, V+, 850 m (access from Venezia Hut) 

Eventually, Bosconero: access and base can be Rif. Casera Bosconero, very good, busy, good managed.

- Rocchetta Alta, NO wall, Via Dolfi, 750 m, IV+
- Rocchetta Alta, Strobel edge, 750 m, VI+ or VII-
- Rocchetta Alta, N wall, Via delle Grole, 700 m, VI+ or VII-
- Rocchetta Alta, NE edge, from III to V
- Sass de Toanella, East Cleft, IV-V
- Sasso di Bosconero, Via dell'Antispigolo, 600 m, IV

Information: apart from the Huts, in Pralongo di Zoldo the guide Renato Pancera is active.

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